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Is Salvia Still Popular Among Teens?

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SalviaIs Salvia Still Popular Among Teens? is the commonly used name for Salvia divinorum, a hallucinogenic plant species that grows naturally in southern regions of Mexico and can also grow when cultivated in controlled circumstances. Although references to this plant in mainstream culture are fairly uncommon, it ranks in the top 10 of the substances used by U.S. teenagers for recreational purposes. Researchers from the University of Michigan follow ongoing trends in teen salvia abuse through a project called Monitoring the Future. Current findings from this project indicate that adolescent use of the plant/drug dropped somewhat in 2013.

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Number of Teens Taking Up Smoking Stubbornly High

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increase-smoking-teensTobacco products are a range of commercially available items that have nicotine-containing tobacco as their sole or primary ingredient. In addition to cigarettes, common examples of these products include cigars, pipe tobacco and forms of smokeless tobacco such as chewing tobacco and snuff. Each year, a federally sponsored project called the National Survey on Drug Use and Health compiles information related to tobacco use in all American teenagers and adults. This information includes the number of people who initiate tobacco intake in any given 12-month time period.

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