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Helping Inmates With Addiction and Mental Illness

Helping Inmates With Addiction and Mental IllnessLeaders from the prison system, law enforcement and advocacy groups in Texas recently came together to discuss the important issue of dual-diagnosis inmates in state prisons with state legislators. Inmates in the Texas prison system who have been diagnosed as having a mental illness as well as a substance abuse disorder are more likely to re-offend and end up back in jail than their peers. Leaders in the state hope to reduce the rates of these people coming back to prison by better addressing their illnesses and providing more effective treatments.
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A History of Addiction Treatment

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addiction-treatment-historySubstance abuse and addiction have haunted humanity for thousands of years. From ancient drugs such as wine and opium to modern synthesized heroin and prescription painkillers, these substances have been the source of struggle and hardship for millions of addicts. Overcoming addiction is never an easy process; however, early addiction therapy, when it existed, used to be an ordeal in itself.

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